We work in 3’s

There are three steps, three comps and three payments. Revelle Designed has developed this process over the past nine years (no, not three) and have found it works well at keeping things simple and everyone focused on the end product. Though this process represents the steps most often taken on projects, each project is as unique as our clients themselves. Revelle Designed’s 3 step process is meant as a framework and guide that keeps all parties abreast of where we are and what to expect next.

Step 1: Q&A

After the initial consultation, the Q&A begins. This is where we roll up our sleeves and really get to know you and your company. This step is key in ensuring that the final design reflects your company’s unique values. Revelle Designed does a lot of listening on this step.

It is important that we gather as much information as possible to create an insightful and professional design that communicates your enthusiasm for who you are and what you do.

We want to know about your business: What is your position in the market – are you the new kid on the block or a staple in the industry, what are your success stories, how do your best customers describe you?

We want to know about your product: Is your business relational or transactional, is your product a luxury or a need, who is your competition and how are they describing your product?

And perhaps, most importantly, who are we speaking to – who are your customers: are they businesses or individuals, young or old, hipsters or homebodies?

We will review your current and past marketing and branding materials including logos, website, brochures, stationary, business cards, etc. to get a comprehensive idea of your current image in the market place. This allows us to effectively tie your company’s image into the new project and maximize past investments.

Revelle Designed will also provide a Project Questionnaire designed to serve as brainstorming tool. It asks you to compile a collection of marketing materials/ideas/concepts that catch your eye. We at Revelle Designed will do the same. We can then come together and collaborate on choosing a direction for the project.

Once the general scope of the project is agreed upon, Revelle Designed will submit a Project Bid detailing the project, fees and timeline.  This will need to be signed along with the first/initial payment (1/3 of the Project Bid) in order for work to begin.

Step 2: Design/Layout

This is where we nail down the actual design. This step is based on Revelle Designed’s 3 Comp Process. Please see below for the details of Comps 1, 2 and 3. It is important that you thoroughly review all aspects of each comp. This includes text, images, layout, color scheme, etc.

The 3 Comp Process was created to streamline the design phase and avoid additional hourly billing. It has been our experience that without a clear process for this phase of development, projects can easily become bogged down costing unnecessary time and money.

Comp 1 / Initial Design:
Based on the information gathered in Step 1, three separate designs will be created for review (three initial designs = Comp 1). You can pick one, mix and match them or even request an entirely new comp.

Comp 2 / Modify:
After feedback is received, and modifications are requested, Comp 2 will be generated for review. You can then request additional changes to Comp 2, if needed.

Comp 3 / Approval:
If changes were made to Comp 2, the new adjustments will be made and Comp 3 will be sent to you for approval to move onto Step 3. At this point, any further changes will be charged at an hourly rate stated in the Project Bid.

The 3 Comp Process is flexible depending upon the complexity of the project.

With the approval of the design/layout the second payment (1/3 of Project Bid) is due to begin the actual constructing of the project and finally delivery.

Step 3: Construction & Delivery

This is the fun part where our ideas come to life. Taking the approved design from Step 2 Revelle Designed will now build the end product. Once complete, and you agree it is complete, one of three (ah, our favorite number) will happen:

Website – We’ll publish all related website files to your web host and test every page to ensure everything works flawlessly.

CD – Some projects, like logo design, will be sent straight to you. Revelle Designed will save all related files in the appropriate formats.

Print – On projects being sent to a commercial printer, Revelle Designed will deliver high-resolution, print ready files to an approved printer. Once printed, Revelle Designed will examine the project to ensure quality. In the event of errors attributable to designer or printer, Revelle Designed will take full responsibility for and order a reprint at no cost to you. Errors present on the approved final comp are not the responsibility of Revelle Designed.

Upon agreement that the project has been completed to your satisfaction the final payment (1/3 of Project Bid) is due. You will receive an invoice with any additional charges incurred throughout the process. Note that these charges will have been approved by you before being accrued. Additional charges can include fonts, stock photography, graphical elements, printing and shipping.

Your project has gone from concept to reality and is ready for the public to see. And now that we know each other so well, please keep us in mind for updates and further projects.