So many choices, but which one is the right one?

If you are a new company, or even if you have been in business for years, there comes a time when you have to decide who to take your printing to.  Who can you trust with your business cards, brochures, rack cards, menus and pocket folders?

If you are like many you have tried to do it yourself and not been happy with the results.  Doing it yourself seems like a good idea until you actually try and then the drawbacks become so obvious:  poor quality, messy design, expensive printer ink.

So next you look in the phone book, ask friends, and look online and there are so very, very many choices and they all say they do a great job.  Let’s look at what they say and then think about what they really deliver.  The most popular choice for people who have tried to do it themselves is to go online to a printer that allows them to pick from a template, add their logo, and then type in the words.  The price is low and sometimes the printer will print it for free if they can put their logo and website on it.

The first problems crop up when you try to upload your logo and make it match the colors on the template.  The template is designed to be one-size-fits-all and frequently the colors and layout do not compliment your logo and slogan.  Next, you fight with the template to get it to accept what you want to type in there.  Sometimes it is more trouble than if you had just drawn the business card with a crayon and a ruler.  But you get it done, and all your contact info is fitting into the template and you click “order my cards,” and that is when the extra charges start.  The cheap order is only 250 cards and has the printing company info on the back.  Try to get more and the price goes up alot.  Choose the option to remove the printer’s logo and the price goes up again.  You wanted it on professional-grade cardstock?  That costs more.  When you finally receive your finished business cards you go to a local business networking group only to see your same business cards given out by the man who owns a landscaping company and a used bookstore.

So, if you don’t do it yourself, and you don’t go to a cheapy online option, what do you do?  You weigh your options.  I know, it sounds like work.  But it will save you time and money and your sanity in the long run.

First, you want a printer that has good examples of their graphic design available.  The design for your printed products should be fresh and attractive, professional and appealing to your customers.  When you find someone who does good design, find out how they do the printing.  Do they have a little press in their garage?  Not so good.  They may do a professional job but they will have to charge you considerably more than a larger firm.  Next ask them a few questions.  Do they seem nice to deal with?  If they are not nice when you are asking a few questions up front do not even consider going further.

So what is it you want?  Good design skills, big printing capabilities, good customer service – oh wait!  That’s Revelle Designed!  All you have to do now is pick up the phone and call 904-687-1430 in Florida or 404-630-3190 in Georgia!