I honestly can say  I don’t think there is a harder job than being a Practice Administrator for an independent medical practice.  Talk about wearing many hats!  Revelle Designed is fortunate to work with many medical clients here in St. Augustine and without exception the Practice Administrators’ plates overfloweth.  I’m sure I’m leaving some things out but a short list of duties includes HR, AR/AP, Operations, Payroll, IT, Marketing… and most importantly keeping the doctors happy:-)

Christy Creech is no exception, in fact she may set the bar.  Christy is practice administrator for a group that includes (4) different practices.  This created a unique design challenge for Revelle Designed because Christy needed a business card that clearly presents multiple practice names, physician names, website addresses, and email addresses.  Additional design concerns included making sure to represent the different practices’ logos and colors.  And Revelle Designed always focuses on keeping printing costs low while using earth friendly processes and materials.

Take a look below at the finished product.  I think Monique did a great job designing this card to clearly convey a lot of information in a limited space.   Please let us know your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions.

business card design for Christy Creech