We all have the temptation to make our own printed marketing materials.  Some of us even decide to make our own websites.  But do we really save when we do that, and are the results something we are really proud of?

At first it seems so easy:  We have an inkjet or laser color printer, and we need business cards and maybe a brochure.  Why not just get started and lay the things out ourselves?  Really, all you need on the business cards are a logo and your contact info and slogan, right?





Essentially yes, that is all you need.  But now you are choosing a font, moving the logo a little to the left, a little to the right, deciding on colors, trying to mash your slogan in somewhere and you are not as happy.  If you get the look you want you still have to get the business card stock to slide nicely through the printer without smearing, separate them and then try to file down those perforations so it doesn’t look obvious you did it yourself.

In the end, when you add up the cost of the business card stock,  inkjet ink, and throw in whatever your time is worth; you really have not saved yourself much money.  One of our recent BOGO’s was buy 1,000 business cards, get 1,000 free.  The ink to print 2,000 business cards alone would have cost almost twice what we charge.

Now let’s look at the finished product.  Does it WOW people?  Does it make them want to buy your product or services?  Do they look at it and smile or can they tell you did it yourself?

Do we really want to talk about how things will go if you create the brochure yourself and then have your family sit around your dining table and fold it for you?  It just doesn’t look the way it should.

Finally, let’s move on to the subject of websites.  Everyone knows someone who can build them one for free or for a song.  Everyone also knows someone whose website is so bad you snicker when you look at it.  Graphics don’t line up, the navigation doesn’t look smooth and well integrated and search engines can’t find it.    If you think having it done once is expensive, try paying someone the cheapy price and then paying someone else the full price a year later when you still don’t have a great looking website.

Really, come sit down and talk to us.  We aren’t expensive.  We base our charges on making a living not making a killing.  So we will tell you the options and help you explore what will best fit into your budget.  Then we will do the job quickly and professionally.  When you direct people to your website you will not be embarrassed.  When you hand them your business card they will smile.  And when you see what it all cost YOU will smile!  Call Revelle Designed today at 904.687.1430, we are ready to do something wonderful for you.