Have you ever met someone who just has too much printed material?  You know who I mean – he presses a business card into your hand every time he sees you.  His business card is stapled to a brochure.  He often hands you a complete packet of material including flyers and clever little booklets.  At the end of the year he is sure to hand or mail you a calendar.  You wish he would just stop!

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the person who never has their business card with them and gives you their phone number on a cocktail napkin or torn off piece of some other person’s material.  It makes you wonder, “What amount of materials do I really need?”

In 2012 the absolute minimum is considered to be a business card and a website.  Why am I mentioning the website?   Because it maximizes the business card.  Once you have the main contact info, logo, slogan, and website URL on your business card, your website can tell them everything else they need to know.  They just need to know how to get there and your business card points the way.

Revelle Designed prints business cards, brochures, and flyersWhat about brochures and flyers?  Invitations and mailers?  Calendars and big folders?   Of course to some degree it depends on what you are selling and where you are selling it.  If you attend conferences and trade shows you want more than a business card because everyone meets so many other people and a small business card could get lost.  You also should plan for the conference or trade show.  What specific product or service do you think will sell to that specific demographic?  Once you have answered that question you know what to focus your flyer or brochure on.

Mailers can work for you if you have a direct mail campaign and a target area you believe will do well.  Plan on sending at least three pieces of mail to the same address.  The first is the teaser, the second brings you in to better focus, the third closes the deal.  If this would work for your business, make it a part of your marketing campaign.

Invitations to Open Houses, Thank You notes to new clients, brochures for trade shows, are all reliant on your understanding of your market and how you want to approach it.

But remember, if you are just starting out, go with at least the minimum:  the business card and the Website.  Call 904-687-1430 today to have Revelle Designed create the best first impression your business can make!