Are you just starting out in business, or have you been in business for a long time but you feel that you need a whole new look?  Talk to us.  There are many factors that are important and one of them is definitely color.  There are whole industries built around determining how people respond to different colors.  Some colors make people happy, some sad; some colors are exciting and others are calming.

Picking the right color for your business is an important step.  There is a reason that IBM, Dell, and Intel are blue.  Many banks are green – yes, it makes people think of money!  Sometimes you have a company that goes in a different direction just to stand out.  Wells Fargo’s predominant color is a big bold RED.  Apple is a technology company but they went with white and a rainbow logo instead of beige computers and blue logos.

When you hand your business card to someone the colors suggest something to them before they even clearly see the logo or read your name.  They may not even realize it but they are responding to the card in subtle ways.

Think about tRevelle Designed prints business cards, brochures, and flyers.his for a moment:  What if you were handed a soft pink card, and as you drew it closer to your eyes you read the words, “Big Al’s Demolition Service?”  You would be inclined to smile or shake your head.  Soft pink does not say, “We are great at swinging a wrecking ball!”  The same is true if the card you were handed were bright red and black and you discovered that the business was an elder care in-home service.  It would seem ominous or inappropriate.   Those are extreme examples but they make the point eloquently.  Choosing the colors for your business needs to be done with your client in mind.

The ideal colors will increase the client’s sense of your capability in your field.  They will subtly assure the client that they have come to the right place.  They may be soft and soothing, or bright and eye catching but they must support your client’s ideas of your business.  If the client is looking to you for  a particular product or service, your colors must say that you can deliver.

That’s where we can help.  At Revelle Designed we have years of experience in logo design and branding.  Additionally, we are familiar with both the Pantone Matching System used by printers and the most web-safe colors for the Internet.  This makes it possible for us to help you choose the best color for you that will print crisp and clear, and look good on the web.  We want to color your world with success!

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