Are you attending a trade show? Are you sending your sales person out to meet with customers and potential customers? Have us design a flyer! We can do so affordably and attractively so that your representative can leave something tangible in the hands of people he or she has spoken with.

What should go into a flyer? Well, that depends on what you want that flyer to accomplish. Are you trying to reach existing customers? Or are you trying to upgrade current customers to more services or products? Let’s assume you want new customers. First, let’s start with your elevator speech – the one where in two minutes you tell someone what your company does. Write that down as part of the raw content for the flyer. Now, think about your competition. What is your niche, your edge over them? In what way is your firm the one they should go with instead of anyone else. Write that down too.

Next, do you have any specials for new customers. These do not have to be expensive premiums but something that spurs them to make the decision now. Perhaps, sign up for one year, get two additional months free. Or you can work a contest into the mix: the first 100 new customers will be entered to win a cruise for two to the Bahamas. Whatever you want that will entice them to “do it now!” Next, lets include a call to action. It could be something like, “Call 555-555-1212 and mention promo code 17226 to get started.” Next, let’s include the rest of your contact information:  website, fax number, street address, email address of main contact. Finally, is there anything you want the prospective customer to know what would make the deal more attractive? Does your company have certification in your field? Mention it. Does your company excel at customer service? Include a testimonial!

Finally, hand the raw information to us. Now we will create a design using your existing branding, your company colors and logo, and make it all come together in one professional-looking sheet for your sales staff to distribute! And, we’ll do it quick and painlessly!