Have you ever been to a doctor’s office where everything is crisp and clean, anti-septic and spotless. Then they hand you the patient information sheet to be filled out and it is covered with spots, slightly askew on the paper and some parts are not legible. It makes you stop and wonder what everything else looks like “behind the scenes.”

Modern doctor’s offices complain regularly that patients do not come back, do not follow up, or come back years later having tried another doctor in between. There’s probably no direct correlation between shabby printing and loss of patients but there is a clear correlation between a patient’s perception of professionalism and their confidence in their medical provider.

Printing is not so expensive that a medical practitioner needs to skimp on it. Well designed business cards, crisp patient information forms with your logo and contact info on them, appointment cards, and patient after-care handouts should all be done professionally and reprinted on a regular basis. What a difference in impression that makes. The crisp white coats now match the crisp documents and the whole appointment is off to a better start.

If you need a logo designed for your medical office, or printing done to take your office professionally to a new level, don’t hesitate to call us. We have experience in this and it won’t hurt a bit! Before you know it you’ll have everything you need to make a good impression on your next patient and the next 100 patients.

Let us help you just as you help us when we need medical care!

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