Never under estimate the power of the obvious. I recently over heard a gentleman asking a promotional specialties vendor to make a magnet for him. The vendor said, “Shoot me your logo and we’ll get started.” And the customer replied, “It’s a blue star.” I looked over at his business card and his business name was Jack Barratree, Painting. If it had been Blue Star Painting I would not have given it another thought. But even then a paint brush inspired shape might have been a better logo.

The real estate brokers whose logos are some form of a house are on to something. The restaurant that calls itself, “Best Steaks,” is sending you a specific message. It’s not a bad one to send. Sometimes, making up a clever name or logo just slows the public down from reaching your product or establishment.

Another case in favor of the obvious is finishing your sentences in your promotional material. Follow us on Twitter and Find us on Facebook are not nearly as likely to get a response as telling people Follow us on Twitter at @BlueStarPainting or Find us on Facebook at Don’t make your potential customer work to find you.

It will always be more effective to say, “Come by our office on Welshire Blvd for a free estimate.” than it is to say, “Come by our office for a free estimate.” If you make people look up your location just to determine if they feel like going there, chances are they will forget before they get around to doing it. But if you provide the location you may have them thinking that they could swing by on their way to work and now you are on their agenda. Your chance of seeing them is probably double.

I know it doesn’t sound as unique to name your store, “Fine Formalwear.” You might prefer to call it, “Stellar Events.” But I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest you sacrifice clever for obvious. Your customers will thank you for it!