We have talked about brochures before in this blog – what some of your options are as far as design, colors, paper texture, and even the type of fold – all things which are important in a brochure.

But let’s talk now about the content of your brochure. It’s not a trick, but many businesses either don’t understand it or don’t quite get how to do it. To properly create a brochure you have to think first what you want your brochure to do. I know you are saying, “I want it to represent my business,” and that is certainly a primary consideration. But represent your business to accomplish what? That’s right, what do you want it to do? When you leave your brochure with someone you have something in mind – you want them to use your services, you want them to buy your product, you want them to call you and make an appointment today. Your brochure can achieve that but it needs to be designed with that in mind.

So let’s look at what goes into your brochure:

  • Good graphic design
  • Clear and compelling layout
  • Your contact information
  • Your product or services
  • Your call to action

You know if you were still there with that potential client that they would buy your product. You are very sure your product is great and that you could explain that to them in such a way that they jumped at the chance. But they only met you briefly, you don’t yet have a follow-up appointment, all that is helping you with that sale is the brochure you left them with. Will it do the job for you? Make sure it will.

The top visible section of the brochure should have a good strong graphic and a teaser or an opening invitation. When they look down at that brochure they should want to open it to learn more. They should feel like your product or service is calling to them and it may be a mistake if they do not do business with you. Then they open it.

Inside the brochure should be verbiage and pictures that confirm their initial impulse that doing business with your company will be a good idea. Maybe the top fold showed an acrobat jumping through a hoop ringed with fire, and the inside offered more dramatic performance photos with a date that this circus is coming soon to your town.  What is the next piece of information it must offer? A call to action and the means to make that action. It could be as simple as, “Buy your tickets today before we are sold out! 1-800-555-1515”

Don’t forget all four parts we just went over:

  1. The opening line, teaser or invitation
  2. The confirming graphics and verbiage
  3. The call to action
  4. The way to execute the call to action

You would be surprised to find that there are companies who remember everything but the call to action and method to execute. They show some amazing information but never invite you to use their services or offer a way to do so. The back of their brochure in the smallest font has their address and a phone number as if it is an after thought. Consider getting a brochure from Revelle Designed! You can call us at 904-687-1430 and we will help make something exciting happen.