Technology is running so far ahead of people these days that it is hard to keep up. Should you embrace Android or iOS; get a hybrid car or hang on until they are all self-driving? Does your Smart Phone match your tablet or your laptop? And how many people still have a desk or tower model desktop PC? Wearable tech, GPS hot spots, texting and hangouts. It’s really hard to know what to use. But we would like to tell you about a little secret even the nerdiest among us knows – we all have one thing in common.

Yes, it is true, we are all still carrying business cards. The simple business card has not yet been replaced by anything particularly high tech. The biggest advances have come in the direction of paper textures. It is easy now to get business cards with spots of shininess as if they have water drops on them, or for business cards to have raised or embossed areas to get your attention.

Links to your website, links to your social media channels and a QR code to your latests specials can all be printed on the card to make it more “multi-media” or catch a potential customer’s attention. You can even make them larger, smaller, folded over and printed on plastic.

But in the end, there are certain things you will want your business card to have:

  1. Your Name
  2. The name of Your Company
  3. The best contact information for you
  4. What your company does

Once you have those four main elements, anything else you put on the business card is icing on the cake. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? It really is! It’s the one thing everyone has in common!

Get your business cards right here at Revelle Designed. We design and print them in no time flat and then who you give them to is up to you!