I read an article recently where a man expounded on the value of video for your business. He had some numbers to back up his claims about the power of YouTube and he explained how dated a brochure or flyer is. Basically, yesterday’s advertising.

Except, that does not mirror reality. Even for the man that was speaking. If that man took his family to Orlando for a weekend, one of the first things they would be doing is standing in a hotel pulling the brochures out of a big rack while they argue about what attraction to go see. Would a video do a better job of describing the attraction – maybe, but no family is going to watch video after video of some 50+ attractions. They look at the rack, they grab up the brochure that catches their eyes and they flip through it.

Now picture a more business to business scenario – the same man is at a trade show representing his video company. He has a monitor showing a video. How many people walking buy his booth will stop and watch the video? Only a few and even less will keep watching for any time. How many will pick up a flyer or brochure of the table and look at it later? The numbers show at least 55% walking buy will pick up your brochure and roughly half will glance at the brochure again. That’s important. Why? Because no one can pick up the video, take it with them and glance at it again. Sure, they could navigate to YouTube or your website and do so, but they won’t unless it is a really compelling video (think funny cats or free money). But they will look at your flyer or brochure again.

Someone talks to you in an elevator and wants more info on your company. Do you pull a brochure out of your pocket right there and then or do you get their business card, email them a link to your video and hope they click on it? You get the point.

We design flyers and brochures, business cards, folders and show cards. Why? Because they work!

What do you want your flyer to say? Portfolio flyer; client Easy SociAbility.