Have you ever noticed there are different types of graphic artists? Some have a signature style that is truly impressive. It may be modern, or monotone, or have a vintage or even rustic look but you begin to recognize their work. You pick up a business card or look at a website and you think, “So and so did that.” It is so obvious it is called a signature style because they might as well have signed it.

On the other hand, there are people who completely immerse themselves in their client’s style. If the client is upscale, the design is upscale. If the client is down home, the design reflects that. No two are the same because no two clients have exactly the same tastes or image that needs to be conveyed.

As much as we admire graphic artists who have a strong sense of self and a particular design preference, we think that is like the tail wagging the dog. It is not the artist’s brand that is being promoted. One size does not fit all in advertising. That might work in fashion design because certain designers become popular. And if you cannot recognize them by their look they put their initials all over everything! But in designing the image of a client, that company’s preferences should be what sets the tone. That is the right order since the success of the printed or web materials may very well impact the success of the company. Image is not everything but it is a key factor.

So trust us. You’re the one who is important. If you are down home, we’ll mirror that. If you are modern with a twist, your business cards will have an edge. In our world, it’s all about you! Call us today for business cards, brochures, websites, logos and more!