I’m tweeting all the time and every meal I eat is Instagrammed out to the Universe. My Facebook page features my latest products! I am a social whirlwind – can you really convince me that I need a website.

In a word, “Absolutely!” You’re right to feel that your social media presence is important. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and it is even one of the first places they will look for your business! Bye-bye phone book. But after they find it, if they are interested in doing business with you, the next place they will go is – you guessed it! – your website.

Your website has a depth your Facebook page is unable to have. A good website has easy navigation, clear information about your products, services, staff, locations and pricing. A good website may allow your customers to make payments online and direct you to online resources you need. Facebook is a page and a news feed. It just cannot lay your business out in as easy to find fashion as your website does.

Additionally, most people look for your business on Google, not Facebook. If they need a company that lays pavers for patios they put that into a Google search and Google local turns up someone’s company. Will it be yours? It may well be if you have a website. That is also where you are going to want to show products with descriptions, before and after remodeling, and all the other things the customer needs to know about you. Twitter isn’t going to help you there!

Maybe one of your concerns is expense. After all, you can create your Facebook page yourself. But a website does NOT have to be expensive. We have very affordable design packages and we can create a beautiful website that you can update yourself and tie in to your social media efforts. Sound good? Great! We are easy to work with and looking forward to building you a professional presence on the web.

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