Do you carry your business card with you everywhere, but worry that it ends up in the bottom of a pile of other business cards when you give it to people? There are a lot of options we can do to make your business card more memorable but there is also another choice you can make altogether and that is using a show card.

What is a show card? Well, depending on what size and shape they are they could be referred to as a rack card or a postcard. Those are probably the two most popular sizes and the ones that most people are readily familiar with. These cards developed over time and became popular because they are less flimsy than a brochure and give you more print area than a business card. The hospitality industry and attractions industry in Florida really perfected the use of the rack card. You see them in every visitor’s center and every big hotel on display to lure the visitor to their location. They feature lush graphics, the most common information people want like hours of operation, and often a map.

The second thing we’ve all seen a lot of is the postcard. For 100 years that served as a way to communicate quickly with people in another town and included a picture of the location the sender was in. Hotels kept them in stock so guests could both communicate and advertise the hotel. Now postcard sized glossy advertisements are showing up at networking events, trade shows, Chamber of Commerce gatherings and more. Instead of passing out a tiny business card, business owners are handing out a postcard that lists their services or products with a few specific reasons why you should do business with them. The spectacular graphics and larger size make them a better sales tool than the more common business card.

Show cards can be die cut to a different shape, printed on back and front, glossy or matte, and even with a spot gloss that highlights something important. Four color is no problem, design packages are available at affordable levels. Get started today promoting your business at a whole new level! Click here for more info about show cards.