Some of the biggest companies have the worst websites. You wonder how much they paid the consultants and the designers to turn out something so difficult to use or unpleasant to look at. Some of the sites are impossible to navigate, others lacking in the most basic information. And yet, it is not hard at all to figure out what your website should have on it. If you are not sure, refer to this list:

Basic Contact Information – Once your customer has found your website they should not have any trouble getting in contact with you. Your phone number, fax number and an informational email address should be on each and every page. You can put them at the top, put them in a sidebar, or add them to the footer but make sure they are there. You may also want to still have a contact us page with a form, perhaps a list of departments, or a separate billing address but your main contact info should be everywhere.

Information About What You Do – This does not have to be detailed or complicated. But, believe it or not, there are websites that you can click on and move through the pages and never know what the business actually does. Do you sell pet supplies? Then say so! The very first readable sentence on your website should say “Polly’s Pet Supplies – Online and Shipped On Time!” or something similar.

Your Services or Products – If you start out announcing that you sell pet supplies, the next thing the person should look down and see is products from your catalog. Right there, on the home page. Make it as easy and convenient as possible for someone to do business with you. If you provide a service, announce it and then elaborate. “Sammy’s Car Detailing of Daytona Beach” could then go on to list washing, vacuuming, grill cleaning, tire scrubbing, etc.

Supporting Pages – This is where before and after pictures can be uploaded, accessories to the pet supplies, shipping information, guarantee, return policy, etc.

I haven’t said a word about the design of the website, just the functionality. But if you do the functionality right, and get a design that compliments it, you’ve got something beautiful!

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