In the business world your brochures and your business cards might be considered promotional pieces. They are something that promotes your business and you carry them with you to networking meetings and in your wallet in case you meet someone. But when we think of advertising, we think of something that is distributed or broadcast by a third party. Newspaper and magazine ads fit in that category.

That is another place the team at Revelle Designed can help you. Getting your ad designed by the same company that created your logo and business cards guarantees that you will have consistent branding and a consistent way your business reaches potential customers. It will also save you time and money because we have already worked with you and have many of your files and images archived and ready to be used again. We are ready and able to create advertising that has the impact you want your business to make.

Do you need an ad designed? Here are the steps to take:

  • Brainstorm where you want the ad to appear – newspaper, magazine, etc.
  • Think about how you want to reach that particular audience.
  • Ask the magazine or newspaper for their specs. They will give you information telling us exactly what format they want the ad in so that we can have it ready for them to use.
  • Describe what you want to us and we will design a proof for you.
  • Approve your proof and we will deliver the digital file to the magazine!

That’s really all it takes. You will have a professional looking piece that makes people sit up and take notice distributed to thousands of people. Ready to get something that will impact your ROI? Call us today and let us get started on an ad for the newspaper or local magazine!