Consistency in branding is almost as important as consistency in flavor. We don’t like our Heinz Ketchup to taste differently than the last time we tasted it, and we expect IBM’s letters to be spelled out in blue. That is why when well-known brands make changes they do so with subtlety. Take UPS and Betty Crocker for example. The UPS logo is always a shield but how that shield is represented has changed quite a lot over the years. Betty Crocker is always a friendly looking woman that we suspect would make a good friend. But her hair, features and expression have subtly shifted through the decades.

Wendy’s is no exception. Thirty years have gone by with Wendy’s having the same blocky writing for their name and the same smiling, pigtailed, redheaded, little girl. Now the name “Wendy’s” is written in flowing letters with a casual curve to them and the little girl’s hairstyle, dress, and smile have all changed. People who look deeper into logos say they see the word “mom” spelled out in the new collar Wendy is wearing. If so it would not be a surprise; who feeds you better than Mom?

So my question for you is, “Is it time to look at updating your logo?” Maybe you bought your company from your Dad and the logo made sense in 1978. Maybe you designed the logo yourself and now it looks a little amateurish. Maybe the original logo was perfect for your business but since then you have branched into more services and the old logo does not reflect that.

You don’t have to change your complete branding. As a matter of fact we suggest that you do not. Like UPS, sticking to something similar to your original may be best for your customers. Customers do not like change and going to an extreme opposite direction will not amuse them. So keep the colors. If you hate the colors now, change them subtly. Take bright green and change to spring green. Take crimson to a shade more like burgundy. Go from a serif font to san-serif and streamline your logo design. Putting your new business cards alongside your old one should elicit the question, “Which one is your new logo?” Only you need to know for sure. If your logo looks blah or boring to you, call us today at 687-1430.