Our most recent sale involves selected print products that are created using recycled paper. We are offering business forms, brochures, flyers and receipt holders on 70# premium recycled stock.

But we have heard that people have some misconceptions about what that really means. The first is that recycled paper is ugly. In the early days of recycling some of the paper was rough, beige, and not ready for prime time. That is certainly not the case now. Our recycled papers are attractive, clean, and come with an uncoated finish for an understated, professional look. The methods of recycling paper have grown sophisticated throughout the years and the results are beautiful and good for our environment.  Did you know that more than 60% of paper consumed in the U.S. is recovered for recycling? It’s true!

People also wonder why recycled paper is often shown as a percent of post-consumer use like 40% post consumer recycled paper. As paper gets recycled, it begins to break down and the fibers are not as useable as they once were. By mixing some recycled paper with some new pulp, more use can be achieved from the same paper fibers.

What would you like made out of recycled paper? There are so many attractive options and types of paper and printed products we almost can’t list them all. But we have several of them on sale now so you can try recycled products to see how you like them AND save money all at the same time.

Let us show you how good recycled paper can look on your flyers or brochures! Our sale ends July 31st so get ready to order! When you call 904-687-1430 we’ll start designing something just for you!


Printing from Revelle Designed is beautiful, professional, AND recycled! The environment will love it and so will your clients and staff!