A lot of new business owners make the mistake of thinking branding does not really matter. First, they think it is too expensive to hire a graphic artist and secondly, they think of branding as something that big firms have.

The truth is the exact opposite: branding is something that helps a firm grow into a big company and it is not particularly expensive. Most graphic designers, like Revelle Designed, have package prices for basic things a business might need. Those prices are set at affordable levels because we count on repeat customers. You won’t come back if you don’t like our prices!

So don’t be the new business that has just launched and has not bothered with branding at all. Let’s look at a fictional business I’ll call Our Town Pizza. Our Town Pizza was started by a young man who used to work for a big name pizza company. His parents helped him with the startup costs and he put some expenses on credit cards. Now he is ready to open his doors. So he does but no one but friends and family show up. He struggles as weeks go by and then decides advertising is important. The local magazine and phone books help him design ads. The designer for one does not consult the designer for the other and they each give him what they think would work best. He uses pizza boxes and menu covers from a local restaurant supply house and has his name added to the front of the menus. He orders business cards online and picks from a template.

Suddenly what has happened to Our Town Pizza is a mess. Nothing stands out, nothing says “this is who we are.” People who see the pizza box do not remember the name of the restaurant and they don’t recognize the magazine ad as being the same place. There is no identity established. It is as if you met a person with a face that changed every time you saw them.

But, if the pizza restaurant owner had a local design firm come up with a color scheme and logo pretty soon people would see that logo, see those colors and think, “Our Town Pizza!” and that would remind them to order! If the pizza quality was good enough our little business owner could then start another pizza shop in the next town. The branding would give advance notice that this was the same high quality pizza and the business would start with a little boost. What a difference!

It doesn’t cost a lot to have a design company like ours do your branding; instead it pays you year after year in customer recognition and loyalty! Let’s get started! Contact us to see what our branding concepts can do for you!