When you own a retail store with signage out front, business cards by the cash register, and even uniforms on the employees do you really need hang tags on items like clothing to brand your items? In a word, yes. Of course the customer knows what store they are in. But when they get the item home will they remember where they bought it? With the hang tag attached, the item will continue to display your branding miles away from the uniformed employee.

And what about in the store? The hang tag has a purpose here too. As well as your logo the hang tag can have a slogan or a call to action such as an encouragement to buy. On a pair of men’s pants the hang tag may show your logo, then have a saying such as, “fine men’s clothing since 1995,” or “outfitting the business man from tip to toe.” This may remind the buyer to also pick up a tie. A hang tag with the logo and other store locations may reassure a hesitant buyer that this isn’t just a single store with no other places to visit or maybe return the merchandise. If you regularly offer a buy two / get one free special that can be mentioned right on the hang tag stimulating a further purchase.

A hang tag may also be a place to mention return policy or a place to remind the buyer to “ask about our frequent buyer discounts.” No matter what, it gives you, the store owner, a chance to encourage the buyer to make the purchase the moment they look at the merchandise. It is one more piece of advertising real estate for you to get a message across or make a point. It may be the difference between “sale” and “no sale” on your cash register.

Hang tags are on sale this month (June 2013)! See how easy and inexpensive adding hang tags to your store’s merchandise can be by calling 904-687-1430!