Does your logo truly represent your business? Do people remember it? Many companies have a logo that people recognize immediately. I am sure many big names come to your mind immediately. Even small companies may have memorable logos with a little imagination.

For a start-up company you are best off if your logo is iconographic. That is a long word that means “stands for your business.” The principle behind that is the way the human brain works. We remember pictures with a different part of our brain than the part that remembers words. So, if a business name is next to a logo that means something similar, we are more likely to remember it because our brain builds a connection. A great example of that is A+ Tutoring which may be on a business card to the left of a large A and a plus sign. The Red Cross’ symbol is… well, a red cross.

Sometimes more than one iconograph represents the same word; think of Atlas and probably a globe and a strongman or a combination of the two come to mind. Think of water and you may come up with a wave, a droplet, a faucet. Whatever you come up with, if it uses a shape to suggest the name it will be more memorable than if it is a name next to an unrelated picture. Think Frank’s Restaurant and a slice of pizza. You may remember the logo and get hungry for pizza, but it will probably not bring the name “Frank’s” to mind.

Another concern when you are thinking of your logo is, what do you want to do with it? Will it be printed on uniforms, hats and promotional items or will it just go on paper and the web? And what do you want people to feel when they see it? Will they perceive your business as high class, low class, fun, affordable?  Something will come to mind, something always pops into people’s minds. Ideally, it will be what you wanted them to think!

You can find some examples of our logo design right here, and remember we are ready and willing to help you design your next logo!