One of the decisions customers seem to have the most trouble with is what color their printed materials should be. Should their business card be red and white, their brochure blue, orange and purple? The question seems to cause anxiety but it really shouldn’t. There are some simple things to think about.

The first is that whatever type of business you have, it probably already has a “look and feel” in general. You may choose to go with that, or to show you are unique by breaking out of the mold.

Here is an example: banks traditionally use a color that is attractive and conveys trust like blue. They also tend to use green because it is the color of money. Every bank in our town is has a logo that is blue, green, or a combination of those except: Wells Fargo.  They are yellow on red. That is a risk because red means danger and drama, but it also serves a purpose: when you are driving down the road looking for a bank you can immediately spot the Wells Fargo branch. It stands out as different.

But sometimes you do not want to stand out as different. Just the opposite.  When someone gets one of your business cards you want them to feel confident in you, feel you are trustworthy, feel you are just like all the other businesses in your industry. Why would you want that? Perhaps you are 19 years old and you just started this business with a tiny loan from your parents. But when people take your business card you want them to feel comfortable and not doubtful. You want the colors to say, “trust me, I know this business.”

If you are unsure what colors your flyers or rack cards should be printed, just ask us. We know quite a bit about branding and color matching. We will be delighted to make sure your printed promotional pieces give exactly the impression you want them to give!