Do you have a trade show coming up? It may be called an expo or a conference or a symposium or a fair celebrating some kind of topic. But whatever it is, you’ve bought a booth and you’re going to exhibit your company there. How can we help? We can provide you with helpful tips and suggestions on the trade show in general and on printing in particular.

Here are some general tips:

1. Arrive early. Don’t be one of those people who drags their table display and merchandize to their booth as the show is starting. There is a lot of networking that goes on as people are setting up and you want to be a part of that.

2. Know your competition. Is someone from your same exact niche going to exhibit at the trade show? Where is their booth situated and is it as visible as yours?

3. What is the best way to maximize your signage and give-a-ways? Have a sketch of the trade show layout in front of you and look at the traffic patterns before you decide how to set things up.

4. Do you have everything you need to take with you? Signage, table cover, give aways, brochures, business cards, show-offer flyers? Make sure they are coordinated with your brand, printed in plenty of time and packed to stay flat and unrumpled during the trip.

5. Did you pack extras? Pads to take notes, cash, scissors, tape, stapler, paperclips, etc. Believe me, you will need them.

One of the parts we can give you the most help with is the printing. Your usual business cards are fine but make sure you have enough. This may be the time to re-order. Brochures. You may not have used a brochure in the past but this is the time to do so. Quick, simple and informative, your brochure is the most information you can get in their hand as they are wqalking by. Show specials. If you have products it could be a percentage off if you buy a certain amount. If you offer services , it might be an introductory special. You only have a few seconds while they are at your booth to impress them with your product and then convert that good first impression into a sale.  We’ll make your printing look amazing, you have fun at the trade show!