The hospitality industry is one of the foremost users of printing services. Whether or not you have ever given it a thought, a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast inn needs a lot of printing done throughout the year. Just think about a few of these items that must be printed with the hotel brand, die cut, and delivered:

  • Door hangers
  • Key Wallets
  • Brochures
  • Rack Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers with checkout time and other policies
  • Laminated signs for fire exits and phone info
  • In-room stationery or notepads
  • Placemats for coffee or water/ice service

And that list does not include all of the printing that would be added if the hotel has an in-house restaurant. So the accommodations industry definitely gets good treatment from its printers. There are additional challenges that come with such a wide range of printed items. Color and look and feel need to be the same from item to item so that the brand is always recognizable but inks can look different on one paper than they do on another. Then you add in the different finishes and you have the potential for a color to look darker or lighter and the logo to be brighter or duller. Knowing which finishes and finish treatments to pick to make it all come out with pizzazz is a job in itself.

After you have printed for a hotelier for a while they come to trust you. You know what they want printed and can deliver it on time, and at an affordable rate. They are happy that they don’t have to explain everything over and over again. Their business cards and door hangers always look crisp and new!

Fortunately, we have experience printing for the hospitality industry and we are delighted to have clients with such diverse needs. It makes our job more interesting and keeps us on our toes! Next time you book a room somewhere look at how many pieces of paper are involved in the transaction and in your stay.  You’ll be surprised!