A large percentage of businesses make a turn in an entirely new, or partially new direction at least once in the life of the business.  And that’s as it should be.  The business that can adapt to changing market and economic conditions is the business that survives.  What are some reasons businesses change direction?  Profit obviously motivates change.  Let’s say you open a steakhouse but realize your salads are making you a greater profit and are becoming famous.  Putting less emphasis on the steak and more on the greater earning power of the salad simply makes sense.  Sometimes geographic changes affect a business.  Think of the motels along a busy highway that are suddenly out of business when a new expressway is built half a mile away.  Or the company that sells home permanents and suddenly flat hair is the cool thing to have.

If you are like most successful business owners you respond to these situations with everything from a small tweak to a major change of direction.  But that often leaves your branding, your business cards, your website, looking out of synch with your new business plan.  How can you quickly make that change and still maintain some identity?  Sometimes a logo facelift will do the trick.  Maybe you sold casual clothing but over the years your more sophisticated items are selling better than any other.  Your logo may need to become more streamlined, more upscale but it doesn’t always have to change 100%. The layout of the business card, the colors may all stay the same but the logo gets tweaked.

Or maybe you moved to a new location and your logo was based on the unique shape and look of your old building.  This logo may need to become more stylized so it is not so location dependent or you could keep the color and size of the logo the same but make the shape more specific to your product or service. Fortunately, business cards are quick and inexpensive to order through Revelle Designed and larger projects like your website can be changed to accommodate the new business image as well.

In the end it is important to us that you know we understand.  We have helped many businesses change their image.  Sometimes completely!  We are ready to help you choose new colors, design a new logo, print new cards, new folders, and overhaul your website.  There is only one thing for YOU to do that we cannot do for you:  YOU get to decide what direction you are going in.  After that, we will just make the rest of the pieces fit and we will cheer you on along the way!  When our customers are successful, we are successful!