If your business is several years old you probably have a website.  If your business is ten or more years old you have probably had multiple websites.  And in spite of the prevalence of websites in the world today as many as 42 % of businesses are unhappy and unsatisfied with their website. When you ask business owners what they don’t like about their site they have a variety of complaints from the attitude of the web designer, to the lack of staff enthusiasm needed to keep the site updated. Intriguingly, the worst things about their website usually escape the notice of the business owner.  The website may have confusing navigation, lack of contact information, and poor design elements but the business owner may be angry because his or her phone calls don’t get returned and the logo is not the newest one.

What does it take to satisfy everyone? Really, as long as 5 simple things are in place the website will do a good job. The business owner will be happy and the customers will find the site useful.  Why doesn’t everyone know this? Good designers do. Let’s go over the points and see if we can get everyone on board.

1) Content about the company’s products or services sufficient to sell those to a web visitor.  An error many sites make is not adequately describing what they sell.  Tell the potential buyer why they need this product and answer any questions you can foresee them asking.

2) Contact information – every single piece of information a visitor to the website might need to contact this company and buy their products or services. Preferably, contact information should be on every page in the header or the footer.

3) The company logo, slogan, and any other existing branding should be incorporated into the site design so that anyone who has seen a commercial or has a business card in their hand knows they have come to that exact company.

4) Clear and simple navigation.  A web visitor should never be more than two clicks away from whatever they are looking for.  And the web visitor should never have to wonder what they need to click on. A produce company that uses spinning strawberries as links to other pages has done no one any favors.

5) A simple to use, well documented CMS so that the client can go back to the business and update the website when ever new products or services become available or something else changes.

That’s really all there is.  Everything else that might go into web design is an extra!  If you are ready for a great website call us today at (904) 687-1430 and find out how beautiful your next website can be!