Business card clipartDo you have a business card you give to potential clients?  What does it say about your business, and how does it say it?  Business cards have been used for more than 100 years and generally allowed a business a way of communicating their contact information to others.  For many decades the business card was simple white card stock with black text printed on it.  Generally, it had the name of the business followed by the preferred contact person and then the street address. After the 1930’s the business card customarily also included the telephone number and perhaps some form of clipart. The next addition to the card was the telex or fax number.

The Internet era added two pieces of contact information to the template: the web URL and an email address. For very daring companies, colored card stock or inks might be used. It was another decade before easy color printing and the digital art revolution changed everything. Now, it is customary for your card to be in full color.  It may employ a striking graphic design or strong colors in the layout. The contact information may include a QR code leading to a special offer, product or service. It may also include a social media address like Facebook or Twitter. Either way, your decisions on what to put on the card might seem endless to you. But you have help. As designers we know how to create a card that communicates well and has what your potential customers will be looking for.  We can create a card that is both attractive and effective and then we can print it for you and deliver it.  What more could you want?

Call us today to get a modern, well-designed card that will encourage people to contact your company for your services or products.  Don’t put up with a business card that is old-fashioned or awkward looking.  You deserve better.  Click the image below to go to our portfolio of cards!