In all the craziness of most people’s Christmas schedules it is sometimes hard to remember that we are rushing around because we love people.  We love the people we are buying presents for, the people we are cooking for, the people we send cards to.  We probably at least like the people we see at Christmas luncheons and office parties and church services.

But the obvious people are not the only ones we love.  We love our customers, too.  Yes, YOU!  We are a small, local business because this is our dream.  This is how we make our living and contribute to our local community.  We do are best to do a good job, keep things affordable, and deliver the product when promised.  In return, you tell us again and again that you have confidence in our ability to print your business cards, design your brochures, and give you a wonderful presence on the Internet.  You call us when you need something and we hurry to get it done.  That interaction is what drives our dream of owning our business and surviving in the town we love.  It puts groceries on our table and provides us with the gas in our gas tanks.

And because of that, we are not like $8.00 hour workers at a big commercial establishment.  We do not see you come through the door and think, “Oh, what does he want now?”  We see you come through the door and we think, “There’s our friend, Rick.”  It makes all the difference in the world in how we treat you – like a someone who is important to us.  Maybe that’s a little silly, maybe we should be more “business-like” but in the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan that it’s not personal, it’s business.  And she replies, “What is that supposed to mean?  I’m sick of that.  All that means is that it wasn’t personal to you….What’s so wrong with being personal anyway?  Because whatever it is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

We are all, aren’t we, persons?  And you, dear customers, are the persons that make our world go around year after year.  So, yes, we love you.  Shhhh don’t tell everyone!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season and an Amazing New Year!