We have to admit it, we love you but we did not know what to give you.  You’ve been there with us since the beginning and your loyalty and commitment are so important to us.  But it is hard to know what to buy for people, isn’t it?  Sometimes they are on a diet, or they already have one of those, or they never did like these.

Our printing customers are the best.And here you are, our favorite customer.  You’ve ordered business cards, folders, rack cards, flyers, web sites, blog sites, and what can we do to thank you?  And suddenly it is obvious!  We can have a sale.  A big sale.  You know the kind I mean, not 10% off if you buy a gazillion.  Not buy two at a grossly inflated price and get the third one-half off.  Nope, that would not be a Christmas present worth mentioning.  We had to do something impressive for you and we did.  It is 50% OFF.  Yep, HALF OFF.  For our most popular printed items:

  • Postcards for the folks who like to mail stuff or want to hand out something bigger than a business card.
  • Doorhangers for people who need to leave something informational everywhere they go.
  • And appointment cards for medical offices, mechanics, photographers – anyone who needs you to show up on time!

You know you need them and now you know how much we value your business year in and year out – we are cutting our margin to the bone and our profit to almost nothing because we want to say a big “Thank You” to you for your web and printing business.  If you have ever wondered if we appreciate you, don’t give it another thought – we sure do!

CLICK HERE for sale details!