Presentation Folders are a very popular product.  They serve as sales tools, seminar resource carriers, board briefing collections, welcome packets and many other business functions almost too numerous to name.  The folder of yesteryear was designed to hold paper.  It often had three little metal tabs that you inserted through the paper holes and then you turned down the tabs and the paper stayed secure and snug in the folder.  the modern folder usually contains slots for business cards, may have one or two pockets, can hold a CD or DVD and can even be made into a “fat folder” to contain bulkier materials.

Paper is still the primary folder filler.  There may be a cover sheet that introduces the rest of the material or a welcome that expresses gratitude that the bearer has entered into a business relationship with you or is attending a seminar or presentation.  A contact business card is also the norm.  Whether your folder has more pockets than that and can hold other things, is entirely up to you.

At Revelle Designed the questions we will ask you are:

  • Would you like 1 pocket or 2?
  • How many sheets of paper will the folder contain?
  • Do you need a pocket for a disk?
  • Would you like a smooth or textured finish?
  • Do you want your business card slot on the right, left, or both pockets?
  • Are any additional materials being included?

Now the next details you need to ponder are printing.  Some firms want a strong graphic on the cover of the folder.  This could be your Logo or a picture of your product or even a smiling “satisfied customer.”  Then the next question is do you need matching stationery to go inside the folder or not.  A solid color photo on the folder and a good graphic presence that accompanies it on the paper creates a very nice impression.  It provides a professional impression on the recipient.

Your folders are durable goods and can be stored and used whenever you are addressing an audience, taking potential buyers on a tour or presenting a complex product to a group or committee.  Putting some thought into your folder printing options is a good investment that will pay off for you!  Call us today and find out how easy it is to have a great looking package put together.