I’ve been looking at start-up business costs and I just wondered some things.

If I have a social media presence and a print advertising campaign do I really still need to have you design a website for me?  Aren’t websites outmoded and obsolete? 

We’re glad you asked!  Not at all!  Here are some of the things your website does for you:

  • It sits there 24 /7 ready to give directions, office hours, and other valuable information about your business.
  • It provides a flexible, nimble, always-visible presence for your company.  One you can change in no time at all at very little expense.
  • It backs your print media up and expands it.  You hand someone a business card with your web site URL listed on it and they can now look up everything about you!
  • It remains a lasting resource that people can easily find to learn more about your products or services.  What you post on Facebook may be gone in a day or two, but what you put on your website stays until you take it down or change it.

Can I do it myself?  Of course you can.  You can do almost anything you put your mind to, but you may not like the results.  Some of our best customers are people who asked us to do their second website.  They did it themselves first and then outgrew the results.

Can I have my neighbor’s teenage son do it for me?  Again, we feel you can do that if you want to.  But do you want someone with no business expertise and no marketing training or experience creating your most enduring business image?

Is getting a website from you expensive?  No.  We charge professional fees but they are not through the roof and we base them on your needs and preferences.  Then we get a deposit from you and we get started.  It’s simple and we make it as painless as possible.  If you’re ready to get started on your new website just give us a call at 904-687-1430!