You’ve worked hard on your advertising materials throughout the year and you’ve had your logo design tweaked until it screamed.  You’re just about to relax when you suddenly realize it’s almost Thanksgiving.  And the problem with Thanksgiving is that it is the official start of the Holiday Season.  You know, first the Thanksgiving holiday when you buy your employees each a turkey.  Then the religious and cultural festivities begin:  Christmas, Diwali, Hanukka, Kwanzaa.  Do you have an office party?  If so, what do you call it?  Do you serve alcohol or just fruitcake that no one wants?  Suddenly the New Year is upon you and everything has to be updated and begun with a brand new year.  You need a vacation!

Have we forgotten anything we need to remember about the Holiday Season?  Well, yes.  Remember that first holiday, Thanksgiving?  This is the holiday that should remind you that it is time to thank those people who made your preceding year successful.  If you are like most companies you will have customers, colleagues, referrers,  and vendors to name just a few.  What is the best way to thank them?  Of course some of this depends on who they are but lets make a simple list of ways to thank them:

  • Season’s Greetings cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • A holiday sale
  • A statement on your website, phone message, Facebook page, Twitter feed wishing everyone the merriest of Holidays and a superb new year.

Will that do it?  Probably.   How much lead time will you need to get all this done?  Well actually, about the time you start being hungry for the Thanksgiving turkey is the time to call Revelle Designed and start getting the sales flyers, greeting cards, gift certificates designed, proofed and printed.  Then mid-December we will put that cheery notice with the grinning elf on your website.  See how easy that was?  Now all you have to do is buy two dozen cartons of eggnog, gifts for all your employees and don’t forget your family while you’re at it!  We can’t help you with that part but we’ll make the “thanking” part of your job easy!  Just let us know when you are ready to start.