Have you ever tried to order printing and gotten thoroughly confused when they started talking about paper?  The weights, the finishes, it all seems confusing!  First, let me assure you that here, at Revelle Designed, we speak plain English.  We will talk to you in language you can understand and describe the different finishes with samples so you can see and feel how the finished product will look.

Paper is measured in a variety of different ways which is why it is so hard to understand.  There’s bond, text, cover, index, etc.  In everyday life, however you will probably only run in to a few main types:

20 lb bond – that is the good old familiar copy paper that we all use all the time.  For a crisp print in the office laser-jet printer you may prefer 24 lb bond and that slightly heavier weight is what most stationery is printed on.  Many offices simply buy the 20lb bond and use it for everything.  It is lightweight, inexpensive, and every office supply store carries it.

28 lb bond, also known as 70 lb text is the choice for brochures.  It is heavy enough to hold a crisp fold and do some saturated color printing without any bleed-through.  So it is a natural choice for presentation materials and it makes a better impression than printing them out on copy paper.  You always know the ones that were printed on the office copier because they can’t sit in a presentation holder without curling and flopping forward.  That doesn’t make a good impression.

80 lb cover is the cardstock most commonly used for business cards.  It is available in a lot of different textures and finishes.  Every once in a while someone will use a slightly lighter weight for business cards, but inevitably those feel cheap.  They don’t have the durability of an 80 lb cover and it is noticeable the moment you hold one.  Your business cards should feel substantial and should hold up well from being carried in your card holder, pocket, wallet, or purse.  You should not need to worry that they will bend or get ragged edges.

Texture is the next thing to think about.   In business cards the most common texture is a smooth finish that looks clean and supports the color and text attractively.  Another option is to go with a gloss finish.  The gloss finish gives a particularly spectacular look and feel making your card stand out next to other cards.  The gloss finish can even be applied as a spot of UV gloss coating right over a design or section of your card.  This option, known as the StarMarque really makes an impression.  Last, the ultra-soft finish that feels like a brushed suede is called Luxury finish.  That’s a nice touch for a business that wants their cards to stand out but not in a flashy way.

In the end, whatever you decide is what you will get.  We will design the business cards or brochure, send you a proof, show you samples of finishes and in no time at all deliver your finished product.  Affordable+quality=Happy Customer.