Did you ever hear the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you’ve got?”  The point they are making is not to wear something inappropriate to your current job, but just to make sure that your wardrobe doesn’t hold you back.  If you plan on executive position but are currently working in the mail room, don’t fall back on jeans and t-shirts thinking, “I’ll dress up the day I get the big corner office.”  Chances are no one will even know you are corner-office material.

That phrase can be applied to more than just your wardrobe.  What about your marketing?  What about your website and your business card and brochures?  If you are working in your field now but haven’t quite made it to the niche you want, do not let your advertising fall behind your ambitions.  Line them up and make them work together.  How?  We thought you’d never ask.  Let’s use an example.

Donna Jones owns a cleaning company and is just getting started building a customer base.  Her ideal client would be vacation condominiums but right now she is cleaning anything that needs to be cleaned.  She does residential, some corporate, and rental move-outs. But she’d like to just specialize in the condos.  Can you picture her website?  What will the first image be?  A beachfront condominium with a woman smiling in front of it and a caption reading “Beachy clean!”  Her website can always include the other types of cleaning she is available for, but it needs to target the clients she hopes to work with.  So does her business card, brochures and any other marketing material she uses.

Do you paint houses but you’d rather paint commercial buildings?  Change that logo of the little house and big paintbrush.  Picture yourself where you want to be and then help other people picture you there.  That is the real goal.  Help your client see YOU as the solution to their problems.