You want a brochure for your business and you have chosen a good printer.  Now you have to make some decisions on the type and nature of content for the brochure.  You know your business backwards and forwards but what should you actually say on the brochure?  Here are four points to consider:

  • Who is your client?
  • What needs or problems does your client have?
  • How does your business solve those problems?
  • What makes your business better than your competitors?

Now that you know those parameters, it is a little easier to craft your brochure.  First address your potential client and make it clear that you understand his problem.  Examples of leads might be:

  • Do you need a new car?
  • Don’t be overcharged for Merchant Services!
  • Do you suffer from daily back pain?
  • Lose weight quickly and safely!

That tells your client you know them, and you know what they are struggling with.  Next describe how your product or service solves that problem and last, why you are better than your competitors.

  • The best customer service in town.
  • Fastest delivery.
  • Our prices will not be undersold.

Now you need to think about your layout options.  Have simple headlines, easy to read and understand.  Use graphics and use them wisely based on who your client is – use soft colors to communicate with someone in pain, do not use black to reach ladies who like to garden.  Think about your clients and what their demographic group relates to.

Give your ideas and your preferences to your printer and let their graphic artist lay it out and make it all look interesting.  You want some white space on the brochure and you want it to look easy to read and inviting.  Stock photography or illustrative graphics can help pull the whole look together.

Finally, you want to choose your stock.  A basic business-like glossy stock always looks nice, or you can go for one of the more exotic stocks with an almost suede-like feel.  Some of these can have spot hi-gloss highlights on them drawing the eye to specific graphics or headlines.  Whatever you choose, this is not the area to skimp on.  Handing a potential client a brochure printed on copy paper makes a very poor impression and the difference in price is not worth the cost to your credibility.

Once you have the brochure you want, keep a few in your car with you.  Don’t miss an opportunity to get your printed brochure in the hands of the public.  And, don’t miss an opportunity to get your brochure printed by the best – Revelle Designed!