What style is your marketing?

What does it mean to be “in style” in printing or web design?  Most people don’t even think about it and yet we recognize different styles immediately without even thinking about it.  A business card printed on a parchment-looking stock with fancy lettering looks old fashioned.  The same information printed in black and red, illustrated with an old dial radio would look retro.  Printed it on bright white with a few stalks of bamboo and a clean font and suddenly it is modern.

There are larger forces at work in the printing world as well.  In the 1950’s almost everyone’s business card or brochure looked the same.  It was on white paper with black ink.  The rare radical advertiser would print in brown ink on beige paper.  At that time most printing companies were in big cities or they were the local newspaper which took on extra business on the side.  The only marketing the average small business did was in the newspaper or yellow pages.

Soon came the era where the copier began to enter the business world and clip-art began to enter business cards and brochures.  Every hair salon had a drawing of a pair of scissors on their business card; every writer had a quill pen or typewriter.

Then we entered the crazy world of desktop publishing and websites.  People were using computers and could choose their own clip-art and even pick their font or typeface.  Anyone who received a newsletter during that era would notice that each article was written in a different type and the headings ran from huge to Olde Englishe!  In between was clip-art and the whole newsletter had been run off on a copier by hand so it was often crooked.  A look at a typical website of the time would have shown you blinking text, spinning logos, jarring colors.

Do you know what today’s style is?  I’ll give you a hint – our website matches it exactly!  Today’s style in print is clean and understated.  There will be a pop of color and a focus on content that is direct and to the point.

What style do you like?  Would you rather we guide you or do you have some very specific ideas?  At Revelle Designed we know what we are doing but we do not impose our taste on your business model.  No matter what your style is, you are in style with us!  So give us a call today and let’s see how stylish your marketing on the web and in print can become!

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